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Bangladeshi author Md Rejaun Habib Redoy is telling life through his novels.

Rejaun Habib has established himself as one of his generation’s most popular modern Bengali writers among Bengali language readers across the globe.

Bangladeshi Author Md Rejaun Habib Redoy

Md Rejaun Habib Redoy is one of the youngest contemporary authors from Bangladesh to have left a significant mark on readers in his country as well as Bengali readers in Tripura, Assam, West Bengal, and other parts of the world, with nine novels, two collections of stories, five nonfiction titles, and numerous other works. Long lines of followers greet him at book fairs in Agartala, Silchar, and Kolkata, where he speaks about his upcoming projects and signs autographs.

Md Rejaun Habib Redoy was born in Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh, on May 29, 2000. From the time he was in college, he began producing fiction and nonfiction books. He began creating a series called ‘Sayani’ which became one of his most famous works. Students and professors at his college demanded that he publish a book while writing the series. As a result, he became inspired and began creating novels. Some successful publications are Sayani, Rupkothar Ayna, and ‘E-commerce with Time Flow’. During the Pandemic of 2020, he published a nonfiction book titled ‘E-Commerce With Time Flow: By Rejaun Habib Redoy,’ which brought the dangerous business of suffering people back to life and transformed it into a digital format. This book was first published on Amazon.

Md Rejaun Habib’s First Published book E-Commerce with Time Flow Changed the business goals in Covid-90

The book ‘Rupkothar Ayna’ by Rejaun Habib Redoy tells life stories. He wrote about what was going on in his personal life, social life, and professional life. The difficulties a man has in his life as he tries to fit into society are depicted in his book. People in Bangladesh, particularly those of a younger generation and university students, praised his work.

Redoy has come a long way from dreaming of seeing his name printed on pages and begging for favors to get a book published to be one of the most prominent Bengali writers of his generation among Bengali readers in many nations. Two of his six novels brought to the 40th Agartala Book Fair by Bangladesh’s Anyaprokash publishing were sold out, while the others were second only to the famed late Humayun Ahmed in sales.

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